Food and Dining

Food and Dining

TIU's main campus has several dining options, from cafeteria's, to convenience stores, to food trucks, all students are able to find something to their liking. In 2018, we introduced a whole new all Halal cafeteria to cater to student's who might have a difficult time finding proper food in our other cafeterias.

On Campus

Cafeteria 1 - Halal
Cafeteria 2 - Japanese / Western
Food Trucks
Convenience Stores

Near Campus

With a close proximity to the station, where most restaurants are located, you will be able to find many options for a quick bite.

Some options include: Matsuya, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Italian Tomato, Gasuto, Gyu-Kaku etc.. There are also bakeries, ramen and soba restaurants and fried chicken shops near campus.


Please check out of guide to Halal food, both restaurants and grocery shopping, near campus.

We aim to serve a broad variety of students, as keeping your cultures and customs intact is one of the great things about the international and diverse environment at TIU.