Japanese Learning Support

Enrich Your Life Through Language

As a supplement to the knowledge of new languages acquired through practice and self-study in the classroom, it is widely known that creating a network within the society of the language in focus is crucial towards proficiency of new languages. The Japanese Plaza, or J-Plaza, is a facility that TIU provides its students that has outstanding potential to create this network with Japanese students in the following ways.

・A link to Japanese teachers and Japanese students

・Japanese language tutoring and support from international students in English or other languages

・Japanese study materials, practice books for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), provision of resource materials to introduce modern Japanese society, and more...!


Terakoya is a time where the Japanese Professors within the JLI provide personal guidance for students. From assistance with classroom topics to free conversation about anything students want to know, informal guidance is provided in 30-minute increments. It's held at different times each day, 4 days a week. Some of the staff can also provide Japanese guidance in English!

Conversation Partners

There are plenty of native Japanese TIU students to be conversation partners for international students. There are no set topics or rules to conversation. In addition, international students can get help with presentation practice, or challenging points from class through special "interview tasks", where laughter is a natural byproduct. There are always three conversation partners available four days a week (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) between periods 2 and 4.