About TIU and E-Track

About TIU and E-Track

About TIU and E-Track

About Tokyo International University (TIU)

Tokyo International University was founded in 1965 with a focus on business and commerce, and upon earning accreditation from the Ministry of Education (MEXT) the college has grown into a private university that now encompasses six undergraduate and four graduate schools. In addition, TIU has been sister schools with Willamette University in Salem Oregon since the beginning, and has also developed deep relationships with other renowned universities across the globe.

Staying consistently true to its educational philosophy of "nurturing truly international-minded people," TIU is constantly expanding its practice-oriented education. The University boasts a highly international learning environment: of TIU's approximately 6,500+ students, over 1,400 are international students from 75 countries around the world.

Tokyo International University, Ikebukuro Campus

About E-Track

Tokyo International University's E-Track Program began in 2014 with the primary focus of providing students from all around the world with the opportunity to earn a 4-year Bachelor's Degree with majors in Digital Business & Innovation (B.S), Business Economics (B.A) and International Relations (B.A) in an all-English curriculum from the heart of Japan.

Studying together with students from 75 different countries under the counsel of international faculty facilitates a truly global atmosphere, E-Track classes allow for the development of a close student-professor relationship. In addition, TIU provides career guidance for students looking for internship and job opportunities in Japan at its well-staffed career development office on campus. All you need is an interest in Japan, and TIU's E-Track Program will help you on your way to success.


Live in Tokyo

Exploring Tokyo is a fun and important part of TIU student life. With its beautiful temples and shrines, bustling shopping centers, museums, amusement parks, and more, Tokyo is perpetually fascinating. The vibrant metropolis blends traditional culture with current trends and ultramodern technology, allowing students to experience both the old and the new. Despite its size, Tokyo is one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world, giving students and parents extra peace of mind.

As the capital of the third largest economy in the world, Tokyo is an ideal location for TIU's courses in business, technology, international relations, language and culture, and more. The city offers abundant opportunities for internships and part-time work, allowing students to gain valuable work and networking experience while pursuing their degrees. With all of Tokyo's offerings, it's no wonder it is ranked one of the best cities in the world for students.

TIU's campus is located in Kawagoe City, within the Tokyo metropolitan area and just outside central Tokyo. Students can access the city center quickly and easily by train. TIU will open a new campus in central Tokyo in Fall 2023.


New Campus in Central Tokyo - Open Fall 2023

TIU will open a brand new campus just walking distance from Ikebukuro Station in Fall 2023. Ikebukuro is one of central Tokyo's major commercial hubs and is an ideal backdrop for our E-Track courses in business, technology, international relations, culture and society, and more.

Click here to learn about the NEW Ikebukuro Campus.

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