Japanese Language Institute Faculty

Professor (1)

Name Research Interests
Kenji Yokota Linguistics, Japanese Language Education, Linguistic approaches to non-native Japanese grammars, Second language acquisition theory.

Associate Professor (1)

Name Research Interests
Hiroaki Hatano Japanese language education, Japanese linguistics, Japanese language pedagogy, Phonetics and Phonology, Speech science, Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Educational measurements

Assistant Professor (2)

Name Research Interests
Aki Kubo Japanese linguistics and pedagogy, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics
Saki Ozawa Japanese Language Education, Cultural Anthropology, Folklore Studies

Lecturer (17)

Name Research Interests
Kiyoko Aduayom-Ahego Japanese Language Education, Politeness
Osamu Ito Japanese Language Education, Sociology
Yoko Kanome Japanese Language Education, Business Japanese
Naoko Magara Japanese Language Education
Ayaka Maki Japanese linguistics, French linguistics, Japanese language education, Foreign language education
Mayumi Ohashi Japanese language education for business
Kaoru Onishi Second-language acquisition, e-learning
Satoko Osono Japanese language education
Akari Osumi Japanese Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics
Yutaro Saito Japanese Language Education, Japanese Phonology
Ranrei Sato Japanese Applied Linguistics
Sae Shibata Japanese Language Education
Emiko Suda International Communication
Mari Takano Pronunciation and Accent, Business Japanese, Teaching methods
Masafumi Takeda Educational Technology
Tomomi Watanabe Japanese Language Education, Sociolinguistics
Ririko Yonekura Japanese Language Education