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Yee Heng Tan

Department of Digital Business & Innovation

Associate Professor


  1. 2018 Ph.D. - Marketing, Singapore Management University
  2. 2011 B.B.M. - Marketing & Psychology, Singapore Management University

Teaching and Research Interests:

Social Networks, Online Platforms, Crowdfunding, Marketing, Research Methods and Data Analysis

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience


Visiting Fellow, Singapore Management University

2018 -

Assistant Professor, Tokyo International University

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Tan & Reddy (2021) “Crowdfunding Digital Platforms: Backer networks and their impact on project outcomes,” Social Networks, Vol. 64 (Jan), 158-172.

Tan & Reddy (2020), “Crowdfunding Platforms: Ecosystem and Evolution,” Foundations and Trends® in Marketing, Vol. 14: No. 2, Now Publishers Inc: Boston-Delft, ISSN 15550761, doi:/10.1561/1700000061.

Tan & Reddy (2019), “Funding by the Masses: Crowdfunding Platforms and Their Disruption of Traditional Marketing Functions,” in Parvatiyar & Sisodia (Eds.), Handbook of Advances in Marketing in an Era of Disruptions. Essays in Honor of Jagdish N. Sheth. SAGE Publishing, ISBN: 9789352809585.

Reddy & Tan (2017), “Crowdfunding- Financing ventures in the digital era,” GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 9(1), 37-41.

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