Copy of Facilities 1

Copy of Facilities 1

Facilities Available at TIU


Smoke Free Campus

While smoking has always been discouraged by faculty and staff, in order to promote health and safety of its students, smoking has been officially prohibited in TIU's campuses and dormitories.

English Plaza


Designed as a multipurpose English learning center, the English Plaza provides a casual atmosphere for students to pursue assistance with writing and language studies. Appointments with academic advisers are booked all electronically via your computer or smart phone.

The Plaza also fills the role of an international exchange hub, hosting seasonal events and activities year-round. This bountiful resource is jointly home to the Global Teaching Institute, and run completely by TIU student interns. Whether you are looking to buckle down on your research paper, hang out with friends and play games, or seek casual advice from an English teacher, the English Plaza is an awesome place for you call home.

Japanese Plaza


As one of the newer additions to TIU, the Japanese Plaza has a relaxed environment that is perfect for international students to meet Japanese classmates and teachers for a chance to actually utilize the skills they have learned in the classroom. The Japanese Plaza is also home to numerous cultural events and workshops. There are always Japanese teachers and interns on-site to help international students tackle a challenging new grammar concept or practice their language skills informally.

Other Facilities


The classrooms at TIU are all stocked up with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the smooth acquisition of the challenging concepts and new ideas that come up in classes. Professors can utilize microphones, big-screen TVs, or projectors and pull-down projection screens in every classroom on campus. In addition, loan-out MacBook Pro computers are available on a day-to-day basis at the English Plaza, and the entire campus is decked out with free WiFi.

In addition to outstanding classroom equipment, TIU also has a spacious computer lab complete with scanners and printers, copy machines, two different cafeterias with affordable and tasty options, a convenience store, as well as visiting catering trucks to add even more culture and variety to the lunch menu. All official school documents can be gathered through the machines outside of the International Exchange Office for an easy and smooth experience throughout your studies at TIU.

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