TIU Global Dialogue 10: Economic Fallout of the Covid Crisis

  1. Start Date :June 16 (Wed), 2021
  2. Start Time : 4:00 PM (JST)
  3. Location :Online (Zoom)
  4. Hosted by :TIU Global Dialogue
  5. This event has ended

The COVID 19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll on lives and livelihoods everywhere. Emerging economies have been particularly hard hit because of their low-income levels, high population densities, weak medical infrastructure, and limited policy space. Many emerging economies entered the covid crisis with weak economic fundamentals; the crisis has made them weaker. Their governments are struggling to find the resources for expanding their health care facilities, rolling out vaccines, and providing a safety net to the most vulnerable of their populations.

The seminar by Dr. Subbarao will focus on some of the big policy challenges and dilemmas in the short and medium-term confronting emerging market economies as they navigate their way through this unusually sharp health and economic crisis.

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